In March 2012, after several years in Washington, DC, serving in the press offices of Louisiana senator Mary Landrieu and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, I set sail for San Francisco, where I joined Instagram's community team, becoming the company's 10th hire.

Since then, I've been involved—at one point, or another—in virtually every aspect of the company. These days, I head up Instagram's Community Lab, which combines data, machine learning and human curation to better understand the Instagram ecosystem, enabling more strategic decision making and product development. Along the way, I've honed an eclectic assortment of skills: creative production, project management, strategic communications, short-form writing, product management, photo editing, scaled marketing, branding, strategic planning, and even a little bit of SQL.

Before moving to Washington, I spent several years bouncing around the country, conducting opposition research and communications for political campaigns, and publishing articles on early and convenience voting with the Early Voting Information Center.

I currently live in Palo Alto with my wife, but spent my formative years in Philadelphia and graduated from Reed College in 2007 with a degree in Political Science. The dog in the picture here is sadly not my own.