Extending across the northern edge of Scandinavia, the arctic Sápmi region is home to the indigenous people called the Sami. “We Sami calls ourselves the ‘people with eight seasons,’ and each season means different types of work with the reindeer,” explains Anna-Maria Fjellström (@annamariafjellstrom), who returned north after college for the nomadic life of a reindeer herder. 

“In spring, summer and autumn, reindeer graze in the mountains close to the Norwegian border,” Anna-Maria explains. As colder weather approaches, Anna-Maria and her fellow Sami guide their herds eastward towards the more temperate pine forests of the Baltic coast. With snowmobiles and skis, Anna-Maria protects her flock from predators. “We guard them in the winter area until the spring, when we return to the mountains before their new calves are born.”

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