Much of artist Jonathan Zawada’s (@zawhatthe) work is digital, much of it isn’t, and it’s often hard to discern between the two. “I’m really interested in the differences, similarities and crossovers between digital and real world experiences in our lives and how they become the stuff of an authentic experience of life itself,” he explains.

Born in Australia, Jonathan now lives in Los Angeles and exhibits his work internationally. He left a 10-year career in graphic design to pursue art full time three years ago. “I realized there were a lot of more complicated and subtle things I wanted to say that the rather simple framework of design wasn’t really right for,” he says.

It’s a deliberate dissimilarity that gives Jonathan’s art cohesiveness. Of his distinct but interconnected works, he says: “This simultaneous complete freedom but complete enmeshing within a bigger structure is, I think, the stuff of contemporary life.”

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